Anything about myself

I am convinced that in matters of thoughts, feelings and action, every human being basically is capable of personal responsibility, emancipation, Self-reliance and Self-leadership.

Although, by force of inner and outer circumstances or conflicts we can be hindered to release these capacities.

I found this conviction re-echoed in IIFS (Integrative Internal Family Systems), as it involves a cherishing and benevolent attitude towards the clients. That is why my work is based on this method.

So, we will meet each other with my honest regards and respect, relying on you as not only carrying challenges, but also having the capability to solve these by yourSelf. This is why you will reach out to your inner parts yourSelf within your personal sessions. I will merely ask some relevant questions enabling you to befriend your parts, so you can learn how to sense their emotions, patterns, experiences, actions, intentions and attitudes. We will cooperate as Self-reliant adults focusing on positive outcome.


Master of Communications Sciences

Heilpraktikerin for Psychotherapy

Internal Family Systems - Basic Training and Advanced Trainings (Level I-II) completed

since 2020
Assistant of IIFS-Institute Berlin
Lead Trainers: Irmgard Schmelcher-Haimerl and Ana Cristina Pires

since 2022
Somatic Systemic Therapy - training in progress

Trainer of WingTsun, Chinese Martial Arts

Touch for Health/Kinesiology

Training in Non-Violent Communications

... and what else:
longtime experiences in basic democratic/collective working environments and solidarity economies