"Pay attention to your insecurities,
they are not there to taunt you,
but to show you where to heal."

Gabor Maté

If we manage to survey our insecurities, crisis, inner, outer conflicts or emotions with all of their different aspects in a benevolent and curious way, we can encourage ourSelves to act Self-reliantly, so that constructive solutions can be found. We can grow and learn how to realise the deeper sense that often lies behind, and reconnect with our authentic Self.

On the basis of positive psychology, all aspects of our inner lives, the unloved as well as the beloved ones, are considered supporting helpfully in their intention.
I'll offer a space to you, where you will be very much appreciated, so that you can appear as you are, with all of your issues, to experience yourSelf and raise.

Personal session topics could be:

  • inner or outer conflicts
  • personal crisis
  • issues related to your family of origin or actual family
  • relationship/partnership
  • intimacy
  • relation avoiding patterns
  • sense of guilt
  • hypercritical sense, sense of inferiority or worthlessness
  • shame
  • grief
  • mourning
  • personal or professional challenges
  • experiencing and cherishing your inner life
  • realising your personal boundaries and preserve them (Self-acceptance)
  • accepting your wishes and needs and feed them

Together, we can discover your personal opportunities to implement recently gained awareness to everyday life in the way that fits best to you.

Feel free to contact me for an initial consultation free of charge, so we can get to know each other and find out what kind of support is demanded by you.

During corona-crisis I offer online-sessions, as well. Face to face sessions will follow the actual hygiene rules, of course.

Please note, that my sessions are not covered by any health insurances, as my work is based on the German Heilpraktikergesetz. So I can only treat private clients, apart from a few private health insurances.